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Dear Customers,

Since February 2017, We have been victim of Fraudulent Activities and Conversion of Property Lawfully belonging to Go Partners LLC Dba Inter Market In at 9055 Liberia Avenue Manassas Virginia.
Since then, we have suspended all activities and initiated legal actions against the perpetrators of this fraud in the courts.

Certainly, that you have received phone calls or that when you try to contact us at (571) 208 0288 our main office’s phone these fraudsters have spoken to you using our identity.

We are invite you to be vigilant. Any business conducted with these fraudsters will be at your own risk.        

    The perpetrators of this fraud are : 

                                                              - georgina guinhouya

                                                              - kossi guy

                                                              - jacquie guinhouya sallah


For more information contact us at (571) 234 2464 or 

9055 Liberia Avenue, Manassas VA 20110

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We have a variety of local products made with corn: banku, Ga and fante kenkey